Lab News

Spring 2019 News

It has been a busy spring in the Craft lab!

Meggan was honored to receive an Outstanding Advising Award from the University of Minnesota’s Council of Graduate Students. Congratulations, Meggan!

Meggan and graduate student Marie Gilbertson at COGS Outstanding Advisor Award ceremony.

Graduate student Marie Gilbertson also spent several weeks in Tasmania, Australia this spring. Marie completed a research exchange at the University of Tasmania with postdoctoral researcher Nick Fountain-Jones and collaborator Scott Carver. Scott and Nick were excellent hosts!

Left to right: Nick Fountain-Jones (postdoc), Marie Gilbertson (graduate student), and collaborator Scott Carver at the top of Mount Wellington in Tasmania.

In addition, lab members attended and presented posters at the 2019 Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease (EEID) conference in Princeton, New Jersey. The Craft lab was joined by high school student, Merry, at EEID. Merry is doing a high school research project with the Craft lab and EEID was her first scientific conference experience!

(From left to right) Meggan Craft, Lauren White, and Marie Gilbertson were joined by high school student Merry at the 2019 EEID Conference.

Graduate student Janine Mistrick participated in the 2019 Genomics of Disease in Wildlife workshop at Colorado State University. Janine and Marie were also recipients of travel grants from the University of Minnesota’s Council of Graduate Students. These grants are very competitive, so congratulations Janine and Marie!

Wishing everyone a successful, research-rich summer!