Welcome to the Craft lab website! We have a friendly and welcoming lab. We are inherently interdisciplinary as we work at the intersection of environmental, human, and animal health. Current research projects in the Craft lab focus on modeling: swine viruses (e.g. influenza and FMD), bovine tuberculosis in cattle, “large cat” retroviruses (i.e., feline immunodefiency virus in pumas and African lions), and coyote pathogens.

*Some of my lab members having fun at the recent Genomics of Wildlife Disease workshop in Fort Collins (left) and my phD student and I at the University of Minnesota DVM graduation ceremon 2017 (right).


* Meggan and Lauren presented research at a Jacques Monod Conference in Roscoff, France in November 2017. Here they are pictured with other collaborators from the University of Minnesota (L to R): Lauren White, Meggan Craft, Amy Kendig, Marlene Zuk, Elizabeth Borer.

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