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Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles:

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  • The first two authors contributed equally to this manuscript.

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  • Awarded Journal of Animal Ecology’s Young Author of the Year Award for 2008
  • Featured in the following “In Focus” article: Haydon, D.T. (2008) Cross-disciplinary demands of multihost pathogens. Journal of Animal Ecology, 77, 1079-1081.
  • Republished in a special ‘virtual issue’ of Journal of Animal Ecology – ‘Wildlife Disease Ecology’

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Craft, M.E.  (2008) Capture and rapid handling of jackals (Canis mesomelas and Canis adustus) without chemical immobilization. African Journal of Ecology, 46, 2, 214-216.

Invited book chapters:

  1. Berg* & M.E. Craft. (Invited—due 2016) Mathematical models in studies of infectious diseases in wildlife populations. In: The Connections between Ecology and Infectious Disease (Ed. Christon J. Hurst), Springer, Germany.

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